Prosperus Expertise is an integrated, independent consultancy. To our expertise should include risk assessments, architectural shots, altitude, vibration measurements, geo monitoring, inspections, research foundations, claims, expert in litigation, consultancy and project coordination.

Our multidisciplinary knowledge and acquaintances network creates fusion of expertise, which leads to an integrated approach to its tasks. We are engaged in infrastructural and construction projects involving (loss) identified risks and / or should be minimized. With the primary aim of preventing adverse effects, such as building damage. Prosperus Expertise advises including central governments, counties, waterboards, contractors, lawyers, insurers, housing associations, developers, individuals.

Our slogan: To prevent damage, trade carefully! The knowledge of our experts is not an end in itself. It is a tool to make the process run smoothly and achieve the goals of our clients. Our service is based ultimately on people working with the acquired skills and a tactful approach of our experts determines whether the process is successful or not.

Prosperus expertise stands out in:
• Care;
• Accuracy;
• Flexibility;
• Innovative developments and solutions.

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